10 Eminent Personalities of Odisha who have made the Mother land Proud.


Odisha has been birth place of many prominent men who have become famous around the world for their deeds. These people have become such great personalities that the entire society respects and salutes them. Many people throughout the world consider these Odia Sons as their role model or idol. These iconic persons have spread the name and fame of Odisha all over the world.

Here is a list of 10 widely known personalities from the Past as well as from the Present.

1. Biju Patnaik

He is considered as the “son” of mother Odisha. He was a great politician in the history of Odisha and had been Chief Minister of the state for two terms.

biju patnaik


  1. Good, But, is a fullodisha.com forgotten to Maharaja Sri Krushnachandra Gajapati ? Is fullodisha.com can’t be proude and can’t be count to this emenent person as a proud of Odisha ? Sir ! Parla Maharaja Shri Krishna Chandra Gajapati was lead role on the way of formation of separate state or creation of new state. Which by, today we have all odia in Odisha & we celebrate as Utkal Diwas. It’s a very shame full sir.

    • No Sir,
      Definitely we have not forgotten anyone… The list is unlimited and we have just selected only 10 of them…

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