10 Reasons why I don’t watch Odia Films


10. The Chewing Gum Factor in Odia Movies.

Oh God please give me a break, some movies stretch, stretch and Stretch like anything, Almost every Odia movie is 3 hours of terrible pain. The moment you feel the movie will now end you will be surprised to be carried away by a song.


None of my intentions for this post was to insult or make anyone feel low. Being an Odia I would always love to watch and Odia movie on top of any other movies, that will make me feel proud too.

Almost everyone of today’s generation will realize my points to be valid may not be all but many of them. I really wish this post of mine to be witnessed by our present day Odia Directors/Producers/Actors/Actress and hopefully they can bring the change in Ollywood which would actually give us a reason to watch future Odia movies.