12 best things to Know about smart city Bhubaneswar


12. Bhubaneswar offers the best value to shopper with cheap markets such as the Unit-II market and the EkamraHaat. The city also has its fair share of malls with Big Bazar, Reliance, PAL Heights and INOX.

pal heights bhubaneswar

Yes, with all this traits Bhubaneswar is THE best. Share the Article with your friends and Families. Let us know in comments below if you do not like or disagree any of the above points.


  1. Every one is corrupted here… U can smell corruption even from 200 metres around any govt office. Most of the cops are corrupted they even demand money under table to write an fir. And the police verification for passport is a hell. They demand whatever comes to their tongue. Else they find faults even with the proper papers. Useless police and political parties. Just feeding on resources and black money.