12 Unknown Interesting facts about Puri Jagannath Temple



6.There is a certain doorway or Singha Dwaara beyond which you are able to hear the sound of the sea waves. When you cross over to the other side it is just not audible. History says that Subhadra Maharani, the sister of the two Lords wished peace and tranquility within the temple abode and giving in to her wish it was made to happen that way.


  1. Nabakalebara is counted as one of the best and imprtant ritual among other rituals of lord Jagannath. In this nabakalebara ritual lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and devi subhadra will get new life by neem trees with new idols.

  2. in this point you have presented a wrong information. the chariot festival takes place between Jagannath temple and the gundicha Rani temple. the river was between these two temples for which two sets of chariotts were made. mausima temple is a point between the two above temples, near balagandi square, where the deitis stop during the chariot pulling for ‘ poda pitha bhoga ‘.