15 Popular Odia movies famous for their English TITLES


Ollywood industry has seen a considerable amount of progress in its movies as that of before. Gradually, but eventually the pace of progress has been increasing. Now the current trend that is being followed is English titles. From the costumes of the actors to the names of the movies, almost everything has become westernized. You must have noticed that now-a-days directors give more priority to English names. Western titles have become quite popular and people find them more interesting than the traditional names.

So here are 15 such ollywood hits that have English names listed by fullodisha.com

1. I Love You (2005)

Anubhav Mohanty and Namrta Thappa were starred in this romantic action movie. Todays Superstar Anubhav Mohanty’s Debut in Odia Industry.

I love you odia film2. Thank you Bhagban (2006)

Directed by Hara Patnaik, this film starred Anubhav and Barsha in lead.
thank you bhagban

3. Romeo the Love Boy (2009)
It was the debut movie of Babusan with Lovely as the female lead, directed by Odia legendary Hara Patnaik.
romeo4. Chocolate (2011)
This Babusan-Archita Sahu starrer movie has got a 7.5 star rating. Directed by Sushant Mani, it has been a huge success.