2 Triangles of Odisha You Must Visit At Least Once in Life


The state of Odisha is a treasure unexplored for both beauty and history lovers. Every Odia knows and has visited some of the places that constitute the golden and diamond triangle of Odisha.

In this piece, Fullodisha.com takes you to a tour through them.

Golden Triangle:

This triangle connects three of the most visited places of Odisha namely Bhubaneswar, Konark and Puri. If you want to explore the real beauty the state offers then this is the best route for you. Starting from the beautiful city of Bhubaneswar to the famous Jagannath temple of Puri to the UNESCO world heritage site of Konark sun temple, this triangle is everything a traveller may want.

Drive in the Marine drive is a must for every traveller. While at Konark, don’t forget to visit the beautiful and picture perfect Chandrabhaga beach too.  In this triangle, you will also come across rich Odia culture and traditions.

jagannath temple painting


Diamond Triangle:

Some historians might argue that India is the land of Buddhism. Well, a tour along this diamond triangle may just prove that to you. This triangle consists of three Buddhist excavation sites of Ratnagiri, Udayagiri and Lalitgiri.

Ratnagiri or as the name translates to “Hill of Jewels”, houses some of the uniqueand oldest Buddhist ruins of the country. This place was a center of Buddhist learning and the art here speaks of those glorious days.

Udayagiri or “Hill of Sunrise”, is another famous Buddhist complex of Odisha. It has a two brick monasteries, a brick stupa, a stepped stone with written Buddhist inscriptions on it.  The Udayagiri site is counted to date back to 1st to 13th centuries AD.  Here, you can find four seated stone statues of Lord Buddha, each facing four of the different direction.

The ruins at Lalitagiri are not extensive as those at Ratnagiri and Udayagiri. However, they belong to some of the oldest Buddhist settlements of Odisha dating from 2nd century BC to 13th century AD. Here also one can find a stupa, a chaityagriha, four monasteries, and numerous other sculptures of Lord Buddha.



So, if history is your thing and you can’t decide upon a destination for your next visit, well, we just gave you one.So, if history is your thing and you can’t decide upon a destination for your next visit, well, we just gave you one.