32 Amazing Veshas of Lord Shree Jagannath – You must know.


32 Amazing Veshas of Lord Shree Jagannath – Everyday from early morning to night the deities on the Ratna vedi wear different attires made of cotton and silk fabrics, Gold Ornaments studded with precious stones, flowers of different varieties, tulsi leaves etc. Sandal paste, camphor and some times musks are used in the daily and periodical rituals. Besides changing the dresses daily there are certain veshas which the deities use on some special occasions falling in different part of the year.

The 32 Veshas of the Deities are mentioned below. Please browse through the pages.

1. Abakasha (Tadapa uttari) Vesha

Abakash Vesha is done early every morning after Mangal Arati of the Deities, for the Abakash rituals (system of bath). At this time the Deities wear Tadapa (napkins), which have a white and orange colour border cloth measuring 16′ x 4′, along with Uttariya (Salwar). Then the Deities take teeth brushing, tongue cleaning and bathing in front of a mirror by Panchamrita (milk, curd, ghee, sugar and honey). This system is known as Abakash or Abhisekh Vesha (Bath Decoration).