32 Amazing Veshas of Lord Shree Jagannath – You must know.


4. Chandan Vesha

Chandan Vesha is done for 42 days, every third bright day of the month Baisakh (April-May) starting from Akhyatritiya day. Faring, sandal paste oil on the body of Deity and decoration of flowers (Chula, Alaka, Topar) is known as Chandan Vesha. The first 21 days from Akhyatritiya are known as ‘outer Chandan yatra’, and the second 21 days are known as ‘inner chandan yatra’. In the first 21 days beginning from Akhyatritiya, the Lord Madan-mohan, representative of Lord Jagannath, along with Sree Devi (Laxmi) and Bhudevi (Saraswati) ascending on Biman, Ram and Kirhsna in a palki along with local Sivas (Jameswar, Loknath, Kapal-mochan, Markandeswar and Nilkanth) go in procession to the Narendra Tank for a bath and boat journey pastime.

chandan vesha