32 Amazing Veshas of Lord Shree Jagannath – You must know.


5. Ganapati or Hathi Vesha

On the full moon day in the month of Jyestha (May-June), Deb Snana Purnima falls. This is one of the famous festivals of Lord Jagannath out of the thirteen major festivals at Srimandir. On this day the Deities come down from the ratnavedi to snan-mandap to give darshan to the devotees. The Deities used to take practical bath on this day. After the bathing ceremony is over, the Deities are decorated in the shape of elephants. Black materials are supplied by Gopal Tirtha Matha and Ragabdas Matha of Puri, with a request of devotee Sri Ganapati Bhatta. This Vesha is well known as Hati Vesha (Elephant dressing).

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