7 Famous Sarees from Odisha you must know being an Odia


2. Odisha Ikat Sarees
Odisha Ikat Sarees are a wonderful piece of art woven by the Odisha craftsmen. Ikat sarees are generally dyed in blue, red, yellow and magenta colors.The State is internationally known for its magnificent handloom weavings, affluent colors, traditional motifs and quality yarns, in its saris. Almost all the handloom saris have an affinity to the Jagannath dham culture as the saris and fabric are often used by the Hindu sacred God. Eventually, the motifs and patterns with colors have undergone a change depending mostly on the taste of the modern buyers.

ikat sarees model
Odisha Ikat Sarees – img src- utsav pedia


  1. Nice article. But should have included Gopalpur Tussar sarees with ikat temple borders available from Gopalpur region near Cuttack