7 Famous Sarees from Odisha you must know being an Odia


3. Bomkai Silk Saree
Bomkai Silk Sarees is also known as Sonepuri saree, this saree is uniquely woven by the Bhulia Community which hails from the Subarnapur district of Odisha. The original and traditional weaving of this sari was made in low-count cotton yarn which is usually, coarse, heavy and dyed in intense colours. The Bomkai sari is available in cotton, and silk fabrics. These saris are popular amongst the fashion designers and have a wide acceptance. The sari conventionally has got its name from the Bomkai village in the 1980`s. In early times, the fabric of the sari was usually meant for the kings and monarchs, people from aristocracy and affluent people.

Some Bomkai sarees even have small fishes woven onto the border. Fish symbolizes prosperity and good health. Bomkai sarees feature threadwork ornament borders and pallu. These sarees are much in demand owing to their traditional look as well as their understated and elegant color palette.

bomkai silk saree
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  1. Nice article. But should have included Gopalpur Tussar sarees with ikat temple borders available from Gopalpur region near Cuttack