7 Famous Sarees from Odisha you must know being an Odia


5. Khandua Silk saree

Khandua silk saree or Khandua Patta saree is the most popular saree of Odisha, its mostly preferred by Girls during their wedding. A special type of Khandua is also worn by Lord Jagannath. This Khandua contains texts of Gita Govinda on them. Kenduli Khandua, a special form of Khandua of 12 ft and 2 kani (each kani measures the length of a hand) is offered to Jagannath to wear as khandua with stanzas and illustration from Gita Govinda.

Khandua Pata Saree img src - Boyanika
Khandua Pata Saree img src – Boyanika


  1. Nice article. But should have included Gopalpur Tussar sarees with ikat temple borders available from Gopalpur region near Cuttack