9 Most Famous Dances of Odisha


9 Most famous dances to be witnessed once you are in Odisha. Know more about the rich culture and heritage of Odisha in India

Odissi Dance


Odissi dance is the typical classical dance form of Odisha and has its origin in the temples. The rhythm, the bhangis and mudras used in Odissi dance have a distinctive quality of their own. Odissi dance deals largely Know More…

Dalkhai Dance of Odisha



Though Dusserah is the occasion of Sambalpuri folk dance Dalkhai, it’s the most popular folk-dance of Orissa, its performance is very common on all other festivals such as Bhaijiuntia, Phagun Puni, Nuakhai Know More…

Karma Naach of Odisha



Karam or Karma literally means ‘fate’ in Kosli Oriya. This pastoral Sambalpuri folk dance is performed during the worship of the god or goddess of fate (Karam Devta or Karamsani Devi), whom the people Know More…

Baagh Naach Or Tiger Dance of Odisha


Odisha is a beautiful state with many well versed and cultured people. The residents of this region are also too creative and dancers. They know various kinds of dance forms and are well versed in it. Odisha is also Know More…

Gotipua Dance of Odisha


In Oriya language, “Goti” means “single” and “Pua” means “boy”. For centuries, the Gotipua dance has been performed in Orissa by young boys who dress up as female to praise Lord Jagannath and Lord Krishna. The actual Know More…

Ghumura Dance of Odisha

Ghumura Dance (or Ghumra Dance) is one of the most leading folk dance form Kalahandi district of Odisha. It is classified as folk dance as the dress code of Ghumura resembles more like a tribal dance Know More…


Tribal Dancetribal-dance

The Tribals who constitute about one fourth of the total population of Odisha have very many dances of secular, religious and seasonal in character. Living in the midst of nature their dances and songs are vivid Know More…

Mahari Dance



Mahari Tradition of the Sri Mandira is the beautiful Parijata flower of art an history of Utkal. It also makes living by its fragrance and the touch of nationl. It has been doing so far from the time immoral Know More…

Chhau Dance



Chhau is an ancient dance form. It originated in the mock fights of the Oriya paikas (warriors) who fought rhythmically to the accompaniment of indigenous music instruments Know More…