Anubhav’s New Odia Film Jaga Hatare Pagha 2015 Dussehra


Anubhav’s New Odia Film Jaga Hatare Pagha – Dussehra 2015

Here are a few unknown facts about the Much hyped upcoming New Odia Film Jaga Hatare Pagha Starring Anubhav Mohanty in the lead, Directed by M Krishna, Produced under the banner Tarang Cine Productions which is going to release in Dussehra 2015.

  1. A per the requirement of the script it required two female characters, one to be the wife of Anubhav and the Second one to be the sister of Anubhav. So Elina and Jhilik both are acting in this movie

2. Everyone till now feels Elina Samant Ray is starring opposite to Anubhav, but the fact is that the New film Jaga Hatare Pagha stars Jhilik in opposite to Anubhav, who is acting as Anubhav’s Wife in this movie, and Elina is acting as Anubhav’s Sister.

3. The production initially also had plans to include Mihir Das’s son Amlan in the film. But later the script had alterations and they have to drop the idea.

4. Buddhaditya might be seen in a negative role in the new odia film Jaga Hatare Pagha. Buddhaditya is seen after such a long time in an Odia movie.

Other then Jaga Hatare Pagha, Sarathak is also coming up with an Odia movie with the best possible with Babushaan and Riya, and in the other hand Susant Mani is also coming up with Kehi Nuha Kahara.

And here is the First Poster of the Film Jaga Hatare Pagha released by Tarang Cine productions. More posters are coming soon.

For Detailed Cast Crew and other details of Jaga Hatare Pagha please visit this link

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