Anubhav’s Reply to False Sarathi Baba Connections


For the last couple of days the leading news providers and peoples in the Social networking site are publishing photographs of Ollywood actor Anubhav as well as other ollywood actors n actress at Sarathi Baba’s ashram. They claim the connection of Ollywood with the Fraud Baba.

Here is the photo everyone shared in Social Network Sites.

anubhav sarathi connection

Here is a message that Anubhav has Shared with deep sorrow.

BELIEVE IT OR NOT.. BUT THIS POST IS VERY HONESTLY TRUE?? Dear All..perhaps 5-6 years back or may be more,I had once been to somewhere near Kendrapada as a guest to some stage programme. As it is so old so I don’t exactly remember the place and occasion. While returning from the programme, one of my friends who was with me,repeatedly requested me to return Cuttack via his ashram as he had to either give or take something from him. With lot of anger,I unfortunately agreed. Went there but was still sitting in my car outside the ashram. After some time,few of my fans and his followers came to my car and emotionally forced me to go inside saying that he wanted to meet me. I tried to avoid but finally went inside. Met him and like all others,greeted him. His followers clicked some pictures there. I was there for may be 5-10 minutes and then I came out and returned. Dear me.. THAT ACCIDENTAL MEETING WAS MY FIRST AND LAST MEETING WITH THAT PERSON IN MY WHOLE LIFE(till now). I have always made fun of him whenever I used to see him on television. I NEVER BELIEVE IN ANY SELF-NAMED HUMAN-GODS. I believe in my Parents and also Shirdi Sai Baba as He never said himself to be God. I had no idea that my picture that was clicked in his ashram was being misused by that clever fellow to fool innocent people. DEAR ALL.. I had said almost everything through every media possible. And I hope that my honest words must have reached you exactly the way I am saying you all now. Dear All.. Please.. I beg you all never to be misguided by my picture with that person. I can never do this blunder to myself by following some cheap magics and tricks which are used to cheat people’s innocent beliefs. SO,I SINCERELY REQUEST EVERYONE TO KINDLY BELIEVE MY WORDS AND NEVER LINK ME WITH HIM. I was deeply hurt when I got to know that my picture with him had gone viral everywhere. Trust me.. My time can never be so bad that I would ever go to any cheat to seek his/her blessings. I congratulate those media people who dared to expose that fellow and also,I very strongly believe that Govt. along with impartial Law and Justice..will definitely take the correct steps and punish whoever is found to be guilty. Dear All.. Finally I conclude with a request to everyone.. “IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO ANYTHING THEN PLEASE RESPECT/SERVE/BELIEVE/FOLLOW/PRAY/WORSHIP YOUR PARENTS..YOUR TEACHERS AND THE ALMIGHTY. But never follow such frauds or cheats. NO HUMAN BEING CAN BE GOD. I SINCERELY APOLOGISE IF I HAVE HURT ANYONE’s EMOTIONS OR SENTIMENTS. Whatever I have posted here is solely my personal view. If by any chance,it hurts anyone,then I join hands and apologise. LOADS AND LOADS OF LUV AND REGARDS??? “JAI JAGANNATH”??

We Believe you Anubhav – Completely.

Well I am not sure how and when this photo was taken, but I am well connected with Anubhav Mohanty for quite a long time and I know him personally as a person, he never believed in the Baba Concept.

Leaving a celebrity life looks lavish from the outside, but its really tough inside. Saying No is so impossible to fans n followers and especially when they are so much emotionally connected. So I am sure something of that short might have happened that day when the photograph was clicked.

There are also other actors and actress photos shared in facebook with Sarathi’s Son, we have to look into the fact, these actors are professionals, and they get paid for their work as all of us do get paid. Each and Every time its not possible to dig in so deep to find out the source of revenue. And no one was aware of things being so complicated inside.

Sarathi Baba was a fraud, and a fraud will always like to be in lime lights to attract followers, and the same thing has happened in these photographs too.

Lets us not blame our Hard Working Ollywood Stars, who are doing their best to Entertain Us all the time.


  1. U comments regarding man made God is right.
    But this reviews u should mention it after u met him five years back and not now. Now when u r picture is seen by everyone u tell that u so not believe on cheaters

  2. Why are u apologies today… Why not before his arrest? Everyone wants their TRP to increase…. Shame on u…indirectly u also cheated people as his followers used ur pictures that ur a bhakt also….