Apollo Heart Institute Bhubaneswar implants first S-ICD in Odisha


Apollo Heart Institute Bhubaneswar has established a new mile stone in the field of Cardiology in the State of Odisha.

First time this device (S-ICD) was implanted on the 30 years old patient in Odisha at Apollo Heart Institute, Bhubaneswar on 16.12.16. The patient is doing well and have been discharged. This is for the first time that S-ICD is implanted in Apollo Hospitals, Bhubaneswar among all the Apollo Group Network Hospitals.

The procedure was done by a team of cardiologists ; cardiac surgeons & cardiac naesthetists –Dr. Prasant Kumar Sahoo, Sr. Consultant Cardiologist and Director, Interventional Cardiology; Dr. Raghunath Mohapatra, Chief Cardio-Vascular Surgeon; Dr. Anjan Dash, Consultant, Cardiac Anaesthesist and Dr. Biswaranjan Jena, Consultant, Cardiologist at Apollo Heart Institute, Bhubaneswar.

S-ICD is a device to prevent sudden cardiac death. It is indicated in patients who are prone to sudden death due to a cardiac cause. A 30 year old young computer engineer , presented with heart failure and ejection fraction (EF-percentage of functioning of the heart) of 25-30%. He was having recurrent episodes of VT (a fatal arrhythmia leading to sudden cardiac death). He was investigated in details with cardiac catheterization, coronary angiogram, PET scan of heart and whole body etc.) and was found to be an ideal candidate for an ICD (Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator). An ICD is a special type of Pacemaker that can be implanted in the heart to prevent sudden death.

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Till date all ICDs have been implanted by taking wires (leads) into the heart. Recently devices are available where this can be done without putting wires into the heart (not touching the heart at all). These devices are called S-ICD (Subcutaneous ICD).

Apollo Heart Institute Bhubaneswar