Bahrain’s PM Donates Money to Dana Majhi who carried his wife’s body


Bahrain’s PM Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has donates money to the man in Odisha, after read the article in Akhbar Al Khaleej.

Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa read about the man, who carried his wife’s body for 12km after the hospital where she died allegedly failed to provide an ambulance for her to be sent back to their village.

The Prime Minister’s office contacted Bahrain’s Indian Embassy, and, in an extraordinary humanitarian gesture has donated a sum of money to help the man and his family.

Dana Majhi carrying his wife’s body and his crying 12 year old daughter emerged. The 42-year-old woman died of tuberculosis on Wednesday night at the district headquarters hospital at Bhawanipatna. Majhi said that despite his all-out efforts, he could not get any help from the hospital authorities. He wrapped his wife’s body in cloth and started walking to his village Melghara in Rampur block.

Majhi’s daughter accompanied him till some local reporters spotted the duo. They called up the district collector and arranged for an ambulance for the remaining 50 km of the journey.

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Donates Money


  1. paschim odisha walo k le a navin patnai k pass time kahaa he pura paschim odisha k log garibi rekha k niche chal re he jab k sb se jyada industres mines agrycultchure sb kuch paschim odisha me he navin ji thoda c m nibas se bikal kar paschim odisha v ghum lo .

  2. Why people have spared the medical staff … Need sever physical punishment from people … but know we were enjoying the fun and doing mobile shooting

  3. I feel bad … As i am staying in odisha… Its shame for politician as well as bhawanipatna medical staff ….

  4. The state has become bullshit of idiots. No place for anything good.
    Why blame politics for everything?
    It takes courage and effort to be human, which definitely is a least priority for Odia people, as we say “Ape banchile bapa ra na”.
    Just that media has covered the issue, else this might be happening at every other distant place.

  5. Really it is amazing…… The Government of Bahrain is helping the Guy….. But Our Government……. Ohh Heart Touching…..

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