Bali Yatra of Cuttack Odisha



Celebrated in the month of Kartik on the full moon day, Bali Yatra is the most auspicious occasion celebrated in Odisha. In this auspicious day, idol of Kartikeshwar are being worshipped and immersed in the river Mahanadi near Shiva Temple. There is also a huge fair which is held near the Mahanadi River in the Cuttack City.

There are different tradition and cultures that are floating around this Bali Yatra. People on this auspicious day prepare an artificial boat made up of paper, cork, colored paper, banana tree and such other things and float in the river and water tanks. The scene looks spectacular when the light boats floating on the river whole night. According to the legends, the day Kartik is being considered as the most auspicious day for traders.

Presently, there is a huge popularity for this Bali Yatra and people from around the world do visit to enjoy this festival. There is a grand fair organized in this yatra where large number of accessory collection and other trading garments which are being sold out in mass. The government of Odisha takes a pride to make this cultural event quite acclaimed and offers various tours packages to help people in enjoying the yatra in full fledge.