Bhala Pae tate 100 ru 100 Review


The movie is a light hearted love story revolving a love triangle and few twists and turns.
I happened to watch “Bhala pae tate sahe ru sahe” today at Inox and would like to share my inputs about the movie.. The movie is a light hearted love story revolving a love triangle and few twists and turns.. Don’t expect any heavy melodrama,this movie is much on a lighter note from the slice of life…It has it’s funny moments and good one-liners from Hari..

The movie will eventually keep you pretty engaged through out and the screenplay runs across smooth..Babusaan as an actor is no doubt one of the finest one we have today in Ollywood specially with his spontaneity and comic timing but is he seriously taking audience for granted! Atleast looks like that from his “almost” double chin on his face n his family pack flabs… He seriously needs to work on his physique and his wardrobe..

Seetal and Suryamayee looks really fresh! Glad that we finally have some new young Odia heroines to break the old league… Suryamayee is certainly a good discovery of Sarthak, she looks beautiful and she has a certain amount of innocence, Sarthak makers have cleverly added few scenes to value their own home channel that adds up to promotion…Music is certainly a strong plus point for the movie,action scenes and camera work is good…

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Ramoji film city n locales has been beautifully captured through the camera angles and looks fancy but audience is certainly tired of watching the same locations zillions of times already,high time to look for virgin locations for songs..Overally the movie is a good watch and won’t keep the audience in boredom…It might not be the greatest movie you could imagine to watch in Odia celluloid but truely not a bad one either…

Good watch!

Review by Rohesh Nayak

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