Bhitarkanika National Park now Open for Tourists


Bhitarkanika – The Magic Of Mangrove Creeks


The Bhitarkanika National park is now opened for Tourists. The park was closed for 3 months for the breeding of saltwater crocodiles. Since the crocodiles are aggressive and might attack the tourists during breeding season, the Forest department had closed the park for 3 months.

Bhitarkanika is a Hot-spot of Biodiversity. It’s home to largest population of salt water crocodile in India. Also home to more than 215 species of avifauna including amazing Eight Varieties of Kingfishers. It is the second largest viable Mangrove Eco-System in India Harbours more than 70 species of Mangrove and its associates. The largest nesting site of Olive Ridleys ever recorded is at Gahirmatha (which is the only marine wildlife sanctuary of Orissa) adjacent to Bhitarkanika. It is located between 86 degree 45’57” to 87 degree 17′ 36″- East longitude and 20 degree 17′ 32″ to 20 degree 45’58” – North latitude .It is known to be one of the largest rookery for Olive Ridley Sea Turtles and MANY MORE.

As per the last year census, 511 hatchlings, 380 yearlings, 317 juveniles, 149 sub-adults, 305 adults and three giant crocodiles measuring more than 20 feet were sighted in the water bodies of the park.

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