BLUE MOOD – new creation of poetic Odia music by Akshay Parija and Amara Muzik


Akshay Kumar Parija and Amara Muzik unveiled the Pandora box of poetic resonance to Odisha, today in the form of BLUE MOOD.

“its an attempt to promote poetic Odia music. We are greatly to the stalwarts for believing and supporting us in our venture”, said R K Singh.

BLUE MOOD is a new creation about a file in which 8 new poems by Shri Devdas Chhotray has found place. Devdas Chhotray being a poet and lyricist, some intermixing of both idioms is very likely to happen.

BLUE MOOD is in the nature of soliloquy. It is an intensely personal poem or collection of poems hence the tag-line goes as “poem of dissolution and dark dreams.”

“BLUE MOOD is an act of poetic respect to the words of ShriDevdasChhotray which had touched my chords from my adolescent days many decades ago” said Producer AkshaykuParija.

BLUE MOOD contains- poems, which are like lyrics or such poems, which are like lyrics. For common understanding these are poems put to music. On the CD cover, the writer himself has described it as dissolution and dark dreams, which refers to his state of mind that is not entirely dark hence put asblue.

The color BLUE refers to certain level of depression and low life. The poems are about his personal intimate feelings- sometimes the memories, personalities, weaknesses on streetand certain other things.

New expressions like “Man Kharapraphula” is rendered to music and vocalized by ebullient young composer, famous singer- Biebhukishore.

Biebhukishore known for quality in speech, who can make people think about his songs, known for varied range of songs which can touch people sensitively, intellect realm and also posses the quality to take the music to the streets. His capacity to hold audience of large numbers is what ensured of justice to the songs.

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“Poetry, which is mostly pros poetry, is often without rhythm, so they look for the internal music in those compositions. No matter however prolific the pros poetry may look, it has a poetic content – it also brings out its own internal rhythm. I am happy Biebhu has gone a wonderful job and the songs have come out very well.” said DevdasChhotray.

Singing pros poetry is an attempt which has not been attempted, its a new thing for Odia industry. Recitations have been done but this is a lot more than merge recitation. Singing poetry with musical instruments particularly is a practice in the West, some poets like Bob Dylan, SumanChatopadhay in Bengal these stalwarts had attempted and succeeded in singing poetry.