Bollywood stars Govinda is brand ambassador for Puri Beach Carnival


The famous beach town of Puri in Odisha, also famous as the abode of Lord Jagannath, will hold a seven-day beach carnival starting on January 20, in the line of Goa Carnival.

The inaugural Puri Beach Carnival, to be held from Jan 20-26, will see diverse events ranging from adventure sports such as surfing and para sailing to musical performances, mask parties, laser shows, camping, beach bazars and more, according to media reports.

Bollywood stars Govinda is brand ambassador for Puri Beach carnival, to be present at the Carnival.

The home of Lord Jagannath is all set to evolve from something more than just a sacred pilgrimage with the Puri Beach Carnival from January 20th to January 26th. The 3-km stretch of Puri sea beach from Mayfair Beach to Jatrika is to be venue for the week-long event promising an assortment of indulgences to its visitors.

The week long cultural extravaganza will begin with a colourful carnival parade showcasing the cultural diversity of Odisha with a procession of decorated bullock carts and rickshaws will be accompanied by naval band, school children, Sahi Medha, Ghantua, Odissi, Mahari, Sambalpuri, Pala, Gotipua, and Chhau performers.

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