Chandan Yatra and Construction of Puri raths begins


The auspicious occasion of Akshay Tritiya and Chandan Yatra is a celebration in itself and also the day when preparations for the rath yatra in Puri begin.

In Puri, three logs were consecrated with the agyan mala or garland of permission of Lord Jagannath. Once the priests were through with the rituals of ratha anukula, carpenters began their initial work to build the three chariots.

In Puri, work on building the chariots began today at the ratha khala near the Jagannath temple with the three 12-feet logs of soura katha.

Chandan Yatra and Construction of Puri raths begins

The 21 day long Chandan Yatra of Lord Jagannath started at holy town Puri. The Yatra to be held at Narendra Pushkarini in accordance with the religious rituals would see idols of Madanmohan, Bhudevi, Sridevi, Ramakrushna, taking Panchu Pandav taking part in the Chapa or water sports.

According to reports, Lord Jagannath follow a schedule for the Chapa Khela or water sport in the Narendra Pushkarini every year. According to the practice, after performance of the mid-day puja, Lord Jagannath would move for the water sports.

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In Bhubaneswar, a similar Chandan yatra was held at the Bindusagar lake for Lord Lingaraj. However, the lack of co-ordination between authorities of the Lingaraj temple and the Kapileswar temple delayed the event till late in the evening.