Daru of Lord Jagannath Identified at Kharipadia, Jagatsinghpur


Daru ( Neem Tree) for Lord Jagannath with the desired symbols were identified at Kharipadia Village, Jagatsinghpur. Official announcement not yet done.
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Jagannath Daru identified

The trunk of the tree is about eight feet in diameter and it is more than 100 years old. It withstood the super cyclone in 1999 and other storms. It remained unscathed while trees around it were uprooted.

daru of sri jagannath

Suresh Mohapatra – Chief administrator of Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) made a formal announcement to this effect this morning after being briefed by the leader of Banajaga dalapati Haladhara Dasmohapatra.

Since heavy rain has lashed the area last night, the district administration will take one day to complete barricading and from tomorrow the devotees will have a smooth darshan of the tree, the SJTA chief said.

The Banajaga team leader informed Mohapatra about the tree after carefully studying the symptoms of the daru and consulting with the Banajaga daitapatis.

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