Daru of Sri Sudarshan Mahaprabhu Identified- Nabakalebara


The Daru (Holy Neem tree) has been identified first by the Shree Jagannath Temple Administration. Found near Balakati Gadakuthunia (near Chausathi Jogini temple) near Khurda,the tree has a Chakra and Sarpa engraved on it. Iron barricades have been erected by the SJTA around the neem tree to ensure that the tree is not damaged and the devotees are able to have a darshan of the daru from a safe distance.
The Daitapatis will arrive on Monday afternoon and yagna and other rituals will be performed near the daru for 2 days. The Daitapatis will remain on Nirjala Upvas (Fasting without water) for the 2 days while performing the Yagna, which is performed only during the Nabakalebara.The Daru would be cut and transported to Puri on 19th April 2015.
The Daru log will be transported by a hand drawn wooden carriage (Sagadi) made out of Banyan and Tamarind tree, which is being made at the OFDC Saw Mill in Khapuria at Cuttack.

Photos of Daru of Sri Mahaprabhu

Sri Jagannath Daru snake at daru Jagannath daru Jagannath daru Jagannath Daru

nabakalebara daru photo nabakalebara daru snake photo nabakalebara daru snake photo1
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