Deepavali celebration at Jagannath Temple Puri – Badabadua Daka


Lord Jagannath witnesses a grand gathering on the day of Deepavali celebration. In front of the world famous Jagannath Temple to observe Badabadua Daka, a ritual performed on Deepavali. Holding bunches of burning jute-stems in hand, thousands of devotees invoked their ancestors for peace and harmony in their families.

As per the tradition, elder sons of the late fathers perform this popular Badabadua Dakaritual. The ritual aims at invoking the demigods to descend from the spiritual sky and bless their successors on earth.

The invocation process began with the chanting of a famous Oriya adage: Badabadua ho andhaare aasa, aalua re jaa (Oh forefathers, come in darkness and go back in the light). The oldest member of a family, accompanied by other family members, chanted those lines, lighted the bundle of jute-stems and pointed the flames skywards. A thick smoke covered the temple area following the mass gathering and burning of jute-stems by devotees.

On this day, the holy spirits are invoked by their family members to roll on Baaisi Pahaacha (twenty-two steps) of Jagannath Temple to seek salvation.

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The ritual, which started from Tuesday afternoon, continued till midnight. The 12th century shrine was packed tight as Deepavali was also a government holiday. A queue system was introduced throughout the day for smooth flow of devotees into the temple.

Deepavali celebration