DIVINE DEATH – Prelude to Lord Jagannath’s Re-embodiment Video


“Anyone who has assumed a body, even a God, has to die in this world”

Lord Jagannath is a strange God. All rituals of Lord Jagannath reflect the lifestyle of an ordinary man. Like a common man, Jagannath gets up from bed, brushes his teeth, cleans his tongue, takes a bath, dresses up, has breakfast, lunch and dinner and goes to bed again.The worst phase in human life also comes in the life of the Lord. He falls sick, becomes a victim of decay in old age and finally dies. Hinduism believes in rebirth. Like humans, Jagannath too leaves the decaying body and assumes a new one. Just as one discards old clothes and wears new ones, the soul discards one body and gets into another. In discarding His wooden body, Jagannath reminds us of the universal truth that the body is temporary. It is there today, not there tomorrow.

The film is a documentary based on the famous saga of Lord Jagannath’s Death and Rebirth.

We have added both Odia as well as English version of the Video.

Watch the Odia Version of the Movie

Watch the English version of the movie

Written By
Dr. Bibudharanjan

Directed by
Sanjay Kanungo
Gurujee Swetachandan