Drone surveillance over Similipal Park by Wildlife Trust of India


Drones will soon fly over Similipal Tiger Reserve forests to surveillance as well as rescue and rehabilitation of the displaced wildlife.

A drone can be put on autopilot mode and sent as far as 100 km deep into the forest where it can record images and videos and transmit them on a real-time basis.

Its movement can also be controlled through a GPS-based system.

Such drones were recently tested successfully in Panna Tiger Reserve and Kaziranga forest.

The second generation technology for monitoring and surveillance of wildlife. They will be cost-effective and can reach areas where it is difficult for humans to enter.

A series of workshops on rescue and rehabilitation of displaced wildlife has been held by WTI at Baripada (Core), Rairangpur, Karanjia and Balasore Wildlife divisions to identify as well as constitute circle-level teams. The identified candidates will get advanced training on handling emergencies related to displaced wildlife.

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