Epic Battles Of Odisha


Gajapati Kingdom War of Odisha

The Gajapati Dynasty was established by Kapilendra Deva in 1435 after the fall of the last Eastern Ganga king, Bhanudeva IV. The dynasty is also known as a Suryavamsi dynasty.

During Kapilendra Deva’s reign, Sarala Dasa, the Odia poet, wrote the Odia Mahabharata and his other works.

When Kapilendra Deva died in 1467, a civil war occurred to capture the throne, among his sons. In the end, Purushottama Deva succeeded in securing the throne in 1484 by defeating Hamvira. But, during this period significant southern parts of the empire were lost to Saluva Narasimha, the ruler of Vijayanagara. By the time of his death, he had managed to recover some these territories.

He was succeeded by his son, Prataparudra Deva, in 1497. Immediately, he had to face the armies of Alauddin Husain Shah of Bengal. During his reign, Alauddin Husain Shah attacked again in 1508, this time the Muslim army marched up to Puri. In 1512 Krishna Deva Raya of the Vijayanagara Empire invaded Kalinga and defeated the forces of the Gajapati Kingdom. In 1522, Quli Qutb Shah of Golconda ousted the Odia army from Krishna-Godavari tract.

Govinda Vidyadhara was a minister under, Gajapati king, Prataparudra Deva. But, he rebelled against him and succeeded in ascending the throne in 1541, after murdering the two sons of Prataparudra Deva.



  1. The author perhaps Has not made thorough study about Kalnga History, He should read some proud victories of Maharaj Kharavela who won many battles , Threw thew greek king who was relative of mayurya empire from India and finally took the revenge from Magadh For the brutal Kalinga war by forcing the Magadh King Brihaspati Mitra to surrender in the year 185 BC.

    • My dear deepak we know kalinga history is so reach but kharabela was many years after of ashoka. When kharabela was came he knew the story of kalinga war. Then he was took Acton on magadha and won magadha.

  2. Dera sansad as of you told thats right but kalings soldiers are more warrier than magadh when ashok fought with kaling army they realize that and it will mention in Ashokvandana as well , kalinga defeat bcz magadh was huge army and measure state like takhasila and ujjaini and dudhidhara (present state rajasthan) all are supported magadh due to magadh ruled over them since chandragupta mouray.read the history .
    And kharvela was the most bravery warrier after ashok who took the revenge of Magadh war.

  3. Ashok’s hired historians and writers created the script inscribed in Dhauli, logically they elevated the number of killed Kalinga soldiers for obvious reasons. The false story of chandashok to dharmashok and the transcendence from brutal warrior to a buddhist was utterly a false story. He was severely criticized by his own people for so much brutality and bloodshed, then he had to show saintly acts like sending his son & daughter to far countries to expand Bhuddha’s philosophy but the change was only political. That rascal was not worthy of being called a King, he was just a drunken murdered with a large army, just like the other one: The bastard Alex-fucking -xander. He was just the indian version of alexander. However, very few people know that Kharabela had a bigger kingdom than Ashok, not by conquoring them but by rescuing the small kingdoms from greek invaders, afghans and magadhas upon their invitation only. Then the rescued small kingdoms voluntarily declare Kharbela as their Samrat, like this his kingdom grew. He defeated Bruhaspatimitra of Magadha and brought back Kalinga-Jina and Kalinga’s glory was back. Only one research based historic novel available to us about Kharabela is “Kharabela” written by historian Dr. Nrusinha Ch. Panda. No one have ever studied Kharbela so deep and upon facts than him. Logically again unlike Ashok, Kharbela did not hired historians to write legends on him. Kharbela was a true King in spirit. He was a great artist too, Inventor of Odishi dance, song. Also he gave all equal rights to women and men. He first started sea trade to promote business and strengthen economy, gave more priority to private and small businesses than state owned enterprises that created competition, he invited foreign traders so the inter-state trade grew. donated huge money after drought and femine in Kalinga.

    Do hell with Ass-hok!!! Jai Kharabela, Long live Kalinga!!!!