Evidences showing that Rasgulla originated in Odisha


Odisha government started examining a 150 page report submitted by a researcher providing documentary evidences showing that rasgulla originated in Odisha.

The report provided evidences of the existence of rasgulla in Odisha much before it appeared in West Bengal.

In ‘Dandi Ramayan’, an Odia adaptation of Valmiki Ramayan, written about rasgulla in the 15th century for the purpose.

‘Madala Panji’, a chronicle of the Jagannath temple, mentions it. Rasgulla has been mentioned in Odia literature before 1893 while there is no mention of such sweet in any Bengali literature before 1896.

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There are several evidences that the sweet dish originated in Odisha and not in West Bengal, said researcher on Jagannath Cult Asit Mohanty

rasgulla originated