Films from Odisha selected for Woodpecker International Film Festival 2016


Films from Odisha on organ donation and disability to be screened in 4th Woodpecker International Film Festival

  • The 4th edition of Woodpecker International Film Festival will be organisedfrom September 15-18at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi.
  • Films selected from Odisha are ‘Spandan’ by Snehasis Das and ‘Veiled Identities’ by Geeta Dash

New Delhi, August 22, 2016: India’s premier film festival on issue-based – Woodpecker International Film Festival (WIFF) is back with this year’s edition. The fourth competitive edition of the festival will be organised from September 15-18, 2016 at Siri Fort Auditorium in New Delhi. 94 films from 7 countries and 35 cities have been selected for this year’s festival including several National Award winning films.

According to the Founder-Director of the festival NarenderYadav, “The festival and forum accelerates debate and discussion on critical social, ecological and development issues like environment and wildlife, health and sanitation, livelihoods, gender, children etc.  Our festival’s vision is to showcase films that promote discussions, expand expectations, challenge attitudes and change lives. We are constantly experimenting to promote issue-based cinema globally and explore the power of storytelling through films to create a better world.”

Films from Odisha in WIFF-2016

Film: Spandan (Heartbeat)

Odia | 00:37:00 | 2016 | GenderI Director: Snehasis Das

Woodpecker International Film FestivalSynopsis: For the benefit of the entire society, sometimes we make selfless sacrifices like donating our time, energy and money. By this, sometimes unintentionally we put our family members into inconvenience. But by donating organs after our death, we don’t cause inconvenience to anybody, rather save few lives. The protagonist of the film ‘Nisha’ is dealing with a tough and similar situation for the cause of the society.
Snehasis-Das-fullodishaThe film talks about a love life that leads to a situation where Nisha has to take a major decision to donate organs of her husband who is  brain-dead after an accident. The film is all about the socio-religious and psychological battle of a woman.


Film: Veiled Identities

English | 00:19:31 | 2015 | Films on Disability I Director: Geeta Dash

Film-Veiled-Identities-fullSynopsis:The level of physical and mental abilities in human beings varies from person to person. However the society has evolved a standard form of behavioral pattern, conduct norms and activities for the citizens which they practice it from their very childhood. But there are children and persons, who have one or more disabilities, for which they are not considered to be normal. They are looked upon with pity or sympathy. These people can also lead normal lives by their own efforts and self-confidence. What they need is, love and encouragement.
Geeta-Dash-fullodishaNot only they are to be taught appropriate behavior to lead a compatible community life, but also practicable income generating activities should be chosen for each one of them and they are to be trained, for an independent living.This film has tried to unveil the dreams, struggle, hidden talents and capabilities of these special children who want to live their lives with dignity by their own efforts and strong willpower.

Woodpecker Awards

The films will compete for the prestigious Woodpecker Awards that will be presented on the last day of the festival. Woodpecker Awards are aimed to inspire creativity and recognise the talent of Indian filmmakers who are focusing on alternative ways of filmmaking and experimenting with new ideas and issues. Best Award in each category will be presented which carries a trophy, citation and a cash honorarium.

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About the Festival

Woodpecker International Films Festival (WIFF) is a globally acclaimed festival focusing on issue-based cinema. Launched in 2013, the festival is part of the ‘Cinema for Change’ initiative launched by CMSR foundation, a not-for-profit Trust, based in New Delhi. The festival is organized every year in New Delhi and showcases best of alternative cinema.  The Festival Advisory Board is headed by veteran actor and theatre director Mr. AvijitDutt.