Golden and Silver Axe made for first strike on Daru


Silver Axe and Golden Axe made for first strike on Daru tree.
golden and silver axe for Daru
Since, The Daru trees are identified, there are elaborate rituals to be followed. In this process, Pati Mohapatra first touches the Daru with a golden axe. Then Daitapati Sevak known as Viswabasu touch it with a silver axe. Then the 4 Viswakarmas (carpenters) start cutting.

The Silver Axe, to be used by the Diatapati Sevak, Viswabasu is being currently made in the ‘Silver City’ Cuttack. Cuttack is world famous for it’s silver filigree work. As per newspaper reports, 4 axes, each weighing 500 gms. are being made (for the 4 Daru trees) in Mansinghpatna area of Cuttack by Nirakar Das. Earlier, his father and grandfather have made holy axes for the holy ritual.

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