Indian Navy’s INSV Tarini named after Tara-Tarini shrine in Ganjam


Indian Navy’s sailboat INSV Tarini, named after the Tara-Tarini hill shrine in Ganjam district of Odisha, has become an event of joy and pride for the inhabitants of the district.

The first all-women crew on board INSV Tarini will set sail in August this year to circumnavigate the globe. But for the people of Ganjam district, naming of the sailboat is an honour for the Tara-Tarini shrine and Odia maritime history.

In Sanskrit, the word Tarini means both boat and saviour. Tara-Tarini was the traditional patron deity for sailors and merchants of ancient Odisha, who worshipped it for safety and success at sea.

Tara Tarini Development Board (TTDB) secretary Pramod Panda said the Tara Tarini shrine represents reverence for mother deity and acceptance of mother nature as the protector. Mr. Panda thanked the Indian Navy for naming the new sailboat after the hill shrine.
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INSV Tarini