Jaga Hatare Pagha Review – A must Go Odia Film


Tarang Cine Productions – Jaga Hatare Pagha, Starring Superstar Anubhav Mohanty, Jhillik, Elina, Buddhaditya, Maheswata and Others. The movie was released on 18th of October – Durga Puja Release 2015.

Got a chance to Watch “Jaga hatare pagha” today at inox, This movie will be certainly a homage to those late 80’s revenge sagas from a dukhiyaari maa for her son/husband’s death.

Am not gonna unfold any minute details as per the plot of the movie is concerned. This movie has a great canvas,great ensembled cast and gives a break from the regular cliche love stories that has been ruling Ollywood from quite sometime now.

Superstar Anubhav is as usual in great form, But i would say the surprise element in the movie would be Buddhaditya mohanty, What a great comeback from this actor!! He reminded me of his role in “Nandini i love you” supremely. Actress Maheshwata is a gem of an actor, that was a powerhouse performance from her, specially the scene prior to the interval where she would have a conflict of words with Lord Jaga, I literally got goosebumps. Heroines Jhilik n Elina have got a little to do in the movie but they are apt in their roles. Elina’s character has a surprising/shocking factor in the movie and she has an amazing screen presence.

Second half looks streched n sluggish and only picks up towards the climax, Story is pretty predictable which kills away the curiousity..Songs n it’s picturization could have been much better considering it’s a biggie Tarang’s production movie… Camera work is awesome and techincally the movie is great! I liked the climax n the way it has been shot…But i still felt the story is outdated for 2015…but entertainment factor will still bind you up! 

Jaga hatare pagha review

Verdict – This movie is a must go, I would give my full vote for the movie. Thanks Tarang Production and the whole team for the great effort behind the movie. Wish them all the best for the

Review by – Rohesh Nayak.