Jaundice Outbreak in Sambalpur : 24 Lives Lost


Twenty four people have died and more than 2000 people were affected by the disease in Sambalpur Town. Necessary steps are taken to contain the disease and district level control cell has been formed for the purpose.

Fullodisha.Com will try to educate the symptoms and causes of jaundice and some advice for you.

What is acute Hepatits?

It is the acute inflammatory reaction of the liver.

What are its causes? 
a. Viral hepatitis (A,B,C,D,E & G)
b. Non viral hepatitis
c. Drug induced hepatitis (Mostly Paracetamol, Anti-tuberculous drugs)
d. Alcoholic Hepatitis – excess alcohol intake.

What are its common symptoms ?

a. Loss of appetite nausea, vomiting.
b. Fever- mild fever usually 1030-1040 F.
c. General weakness.
d. High coloured urine, yellow colouration of sclera & skin.


Some Advice for you :-

1. Avoid heavy & strenuous work. No need to lie down in the bed continuously. You can walk within the house.

2. Food – should take usual food. Avoid junk food from outside and consumeboil water.

3. Drink – should drink about 3 litres of pure drinking water in 24 hrs. No need to drink excess water, it may be harmful for you.

4. Should avoid all kinds of non medical treatment like Jhar- Fuk, Tabiz, Malapara, Panipara and other medications by traditional healers.

5. Consult the nearest medical personal in earliest possible time.


What is hepatitis.
It is a kind of infection of liver. Common causes of hepatitis are viral. Non viral causes include drug induced, alcoholic and auto immune.

Types of hepatitis virus : 

There are several types of Hepatitis virus Hepatitis A, B, C, D & E. They spread & affect the liver in different ways.

Viral Hepatitis is of two kinds.
Acute hepatitis – short duration of illness.
Chronic hepatitis – lasts long time, subside & relapse.

Acute Hepatitis is usually caused by Hepatitis A, B & E and chronic Hepatitis is due to Hep B & C viral infection.

1. Hepatitis A virus (HAV) – It spreads through contaminated food & drink. More in children, usually complete recovery occurs.

2. Hepatitis B virus (HBV) – it spreads through contaminated blood & body fluids. Most of the time it recovers without any treatment but chronic hepatitis & cirrhosis may develop in some cases.

3. Hepatitis C virus (HCV) – this virus also spreads through contaminated blood and body fluids. It usually does not cause jaundice, but in most cases it causes chronic hepatitis and its complications. It takes long time to cause irreversible damage of liver (liver cirrhosis & its complications)
4. Hepatitis-D virus (HDV) it also spreads through contaminated blood & body fluids. It needs the presence of Hepatitis B virus for its infections.
5. Hepatitis-E virus (HEV) It also spreads through contaminated food & drink like A virus. Usually affects elderly persons. It also recovers completely but during pregnancy it may cause Acute Fulminant Hepatic Failure.

Some advice for you :-

1. Personal hygiene in daily life is essential for prevention of all kinds of viral infection in liver.

2. You should avoid contaminated food & drink which is the main source of faecal & oral route of transmission of Hepatitis A & Hepatitis E viral infections.

3. Don’t receive or donate blood & blood products without screening Hep B & Hep C virus.

4. Take precaution of needle stick, blood or fluid spillage by medical, surgical, dental & nursing staff.