Jayee Rajguru – Freedom Fighter Of Odisha


Jayee Rajguru / Jayakrushna Rajaguru Mohapatra (29 October 1739 – 6 December 1806) popularly known as Jayi Rajaguru was a prominent figure of the Indian independence movement in the state of Odisha.

A princely-priest by profession at the court of the raja of Khurda, Rajaguru was the first person to revolt against the British Raj in the province.

While collaborating with the marathas for recaptured the British-occupied province, a maratha messenger was caught by the British army and Rajaguru’s secret strategies got exposed. Upon failure of his removal from the king’s court, the British force attacked on the fort of Khurda and captured Rajaguru. He was later sentenced to death by tying his legs to branches of a banyan tree in “Baghitota”, Midnapore.

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Jayee Rajguru