L Eswar Rao from Odisha achieved Indian Book of Records


L.Eswar Rao made different types of unique work. most number of carvings on different material.

L.Eswar Rao of Jatni in Odisha, India, achieved, “Most Number of Bottles Art” consisting of 500 bottles art on soaps, stones, chalk piece, color crayons and others as on 26.04.2016, India.

L Eswar Rao does it all with finesse. So what’s new in his artistry, one might ask. His medium is different. Graphite pencil tips, crayons, soaps, chalk pieces, candles, tamarind and tobacco seeds, rice grains and even whole haldi form the base of his works.

l-eswar-rao-odishaHe used the bottles 2 ml to 2 Litters, Those bottle he collect and prepare National Flag, National Emblem, Historical monuments, Important festivals, events Like Republic Day, the Independence, the Women’s Day, Trophies, deities and temples etc inside the bottle.

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Though he has been praised by all, Eswar laments, ‘‘Encouraged by friends, when I applied for the National Award on the basis of my 12 inch soap miniature of a Shiva temple, I got no response. Similarly I applied to State Award for Craft and Design for my Shiva Temple in a 750 ml glass bottle, but again I met with no success,’’ bemoans the artist. At every step, Eswar says he faced open hostilities and humiliation but it hasn’t waned his spirit to continue with his passion.