Lord Jagannath’s Poda Pitha Break at Mausi Maa Temple


Lord Jagannath’s poda pitha break at Mausi Maa
Biswanath Mishra, who served Lord Jagannath Odisha’s popular poda pitha when his chariot stopped at the Mausi Maa temple on its way back from Gundicha temple to the Shree Mandir.

Poda pitha is the state’s most popular sweet made of rice, jaggery, coconut and lentils. It is a tradition for Lord Jagannath to stop at the Mausi Maa temple during bahuda yatra and have a bite of poda pitha before returning to his abode.

Biswanath’s forefathers had started the ritual that he is now carrying forward. He plans to confer the responsibility to his successors after him. “We are very proud to be selected by the temple administration for the job. It is indeed a privilege to say that the Lord ate the sweets made by us,” said Biswanath.

There is an interesting history behind the making of this particular poda pitha, which has been prepared by Biswanath and his family for generations.

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Legend behind Poda Pitha
when Bharat of the Ramayan accused his mother Kaikeyi of forcing Lord Ram to go to the forest, she felt guilty and cried. To pacify her, Ram promised that in his next birth, he would visit her house and have pora pitha. Since then, the Mausi Maa temple is considered that of Kaikeyi who serves the sweet to Lord Jagannath.

Jagannath's poda pithaJagannath's poda pitha