Lovers of Original Rangabati didn’t Like Rangabati Returns


“Rangabati, the legend Sambalpuri folk song, has been perfectly and shamelessly abused by a singer named Sona Mahapatra in MTV Coke Studio” Says a Big Time Follower and Lover of Original Rangabati Sambalpuri Folk Song.

It Seems, The Rangabati Returns failed to impress the Fans of Original Rangabati Sambalpuri Folk song, Composed by Prabhudatta Pradhan, Written by Mitrabhanu Gauntiand Sung by JIterndra Haripal and Krishna Patel in the mid 1970s.

Here are a few Comments by True lovers of Original Rangabati Sambalpuri Hit.

The way she has used and pronounced the word ‘Ranga’ not only kills the essence and meaning but also sounds vulgar in expression as widely used in cheap remixes. This is condembable as it’s an insult to the great Sambalpuri language and folk tradition.

“She should have done some thorough research before doing this nasty composition. A great song has been reduced to that of a nasty remix by this singer.”

“I liked it in bits. It is a superhit song and hence got a remix version. But the rap and the bande utkala janani was a misfit. Sona’s pro-nun-ciation is ridiculous. I was expecting some good beats from the Coke Studio”

“the Lyrics are totally out and at best ludicrous, eg god is called Dukhibandhu, Hadibandhu etc. suppose you drop the Bandhu and start shouting Ae Hadi hadi hadi, hadi hadi hadi. Or say for example you drop Jit and shout Shatru Shatru repeatedly , you land up in nether world !”

“When the very originality of the original is forsaken for the sake of promoting the fake for instant gratification, anything can happen! This has very badly made a dent into every value system, be it education, health care, spirituality or religion.”

Remixes and there have been both good and bad. this is a bad one. the onus to create a remix of an already superhit song is definitely weighs heavier. once at an interschool folk dance and music fest in Delhi, students dances on many regional folk songs. when a student danced to the original rangabati entire auditorium was electrified and all started dancing. and putting Rangabati on national platform, let me tell you, it was on international platform decades back. While every artist must take artistic liberty, lets not dilute the spirit for the heck of it.”

“and her accent, maane maali…instead of mane malli…what kind of love for language is this? Even Akon got his Hindi right. lol”

“She could not even learn the lyrics properly. Shame on her”

What do you feel about Rangabati Returns?

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