Nabakalebara Festival : The Second World’s Largest Religious Congregation


The term NABAKALEBAR is derived from Sanskrit Language “Naba” means “New” and “Kalebar” means “Body”, which means “NEW BODY”. New idols will be made from Neem woods known as “Daru Bramha”. It is celecrated in the year which has got two Asadha Months which usually occurs in between 12 years to 19 years.

Last Nabakalebara was celebrated in the year 1996. After a gapof 19 years this year Nabakalebara will be celebrated. It is expected that 40 to 50 lakhs will be congregated. The state government is taking all the steps for safety and security of devotees.CM Naveen Pattnaik is taking periodic reviews of preparedness at the state secretariat.