Naseeruddin Shah to perform in Bhubaneswar as Einstein


Zain Foundation is going to organize a play named ‘Einstein’ featuring Bollywood’s critically acclaimed actor Naseeruddin Shah, who will play the role of the famous physicist Einstein.

It is scheduled to be staged on Rabindra Mandap here on 10th of June. In a promotional video of the play,

Naseeruddin Shah to perform in Bhubaneswar as Einstein

Naseeruddin Shah has urged the people of Bhubaneswar to come to watch the play and bring their children if they are above 10 years of age.

The play is being organized by for raising funds to build a housing facility for special children.

Zain Foundation, a Bhubaneswar-based trust which works for the welfare of developmental disorder of children.

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The Zain Foundation is a charitable trustee organization committed to meet the unique needs of every individual with autism by ensuring health and happiness in a holistic environment. The foundation also has plans to help terminally ill children with financial aid in the future.