No homework and no school bags for I and II classes


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) not to assign any homework to students of class I and II and they need not bring school bags to schools.

CBSE has asked all its affiliated schools to take a series of measures for schools, teachers and parents to reduce the weight of school bags effect on health of children.

Young children whose spine is at a crucial stage of growth are the most susceptible ones to hazards such as back pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain, fatigue and in extreme cases the distortion of spinal cord or shoulders that may most plausibly be attributed to heavy school bags.

Doctors said a large number of children these days are complaining of back and shoulder pain and postural defects. “Children generally come with neck and shoulder pains complaints after reopening of schools after vacation.

They should not be taken lightly and immediately consult physician as it may lead to serious problem like kyphosis or lumbago or slipped disc.

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