Now Drunk and Drive at Odisha can fine you upto Rs. 10,000


no drink n drive
Drunk and Drive? Be careful when you are at Odisha. The latest Odisha Police Bill 2015 in the Odisha Legislative Assembly states if you are found Drunk and Driving or even if you are found Drinking in public Places or Streets you may be fined upto Rs. 10,000.

As per the current Regulation, if someone is found Driving under the influence of Alcohol when the breath analyser proves it, he is fined around Rs. 500. But now the rules have changed and you will be fined upto 10,000.

Not just for General Public, but the Bill has even got a strict rule for Police personnel too. If at all any Police Men is found Drunk on Duty, he or she can be jailed for 1 year along with a fine of Rs. 5,000.

What do you feel? Will the new Fine Bill help the State to reduce the Drunk and Driving Cases?