Odia Director’s Telugu Short film “The Fate” goes viral


Here is an Awesome Telugu Short film “The Fate – Expected Destiny” by an Odia Boy Pinku Pattanaik who is a software engineer by profession at Hyderabad. The team is also coming up with a Telugu feature film very soon.

The Fate is the story of a post graduate engineer Shyam (G Pavan) who love to do things he likes and not follow the bogus lifestyle of working from 9 to 5. Hence he quits the job and is looking forward for creating his own niche. He sometime get frustrated by the adverse remarks of passerby and relatives. One fine morning while he was reading a newspaper on his favorite pass time pan shop he came across an article, and that’s where the adventures journey of our hero Shyam begins. He faces many challenges of jungle life but with luck, determination and bravery he continue to move on.

To know if he could silence his critics and to know his fate, watch the movie…

Cast and Crew details

Ankita Production Presents
Cast – G Pavan,Kumar Vangla,Nuthana
Dubbing – Nageswara Rao
Di – Addanki Ramu
Vfx – Venkat Athirala
Story Writer – Jhansi
Story Board Artist – Srinivas
Editing – Chanakya
Dialogue – Kumar Vangla
Asst Dop – Madhu
Helicam Operator – Mazahar
Producer – Ravi,Uday Pratap, Pinku
Screenplay,Direction – Pinku Pattanaik

Film Maker Pinku Pattanaik