Odia Movie Kehi Nuhen Kahara released in Mumbai


Kehi Nuhen Kahara, a romantic thriller by Susant Mani, is going to be released in Mumbai today. The film which had a theatrical release in Odisha back in October had been well appreciated by the High-brow audience for an original storyline, script and a different genre as compared to the prevalent copy paste of South Indian and other regional flicks to odia.

National Award winning producer Akshay Parija is leaving no stones unturned to make Odia regional films a global phenomenon. With National and regional award winning art films like Jianta Bhuta and Thukul, Parija stepped into the film scenario. With a promise to be a change maker in the Ollywood industry, Parija made his first commercial film debut with Kehi Nuhen Kahara.

kehi-nuhe-kahara-mumbai“I feel it is my duty to promote Ollywood industry. With time other regional film industry have evolved and being a proud Odia this is my small gesture to contribute to the progress of our Odia Film Industry”, said Akshay Parija.

RAW Entertainment, a film production house based in Mumbai since 2012, is releasing this film.

 “The whole idea to release this film in Mumbai is to bring Odia film industry to a wider audience. In a span of 22 years since I came to Mumbai, I have never seen an Odia movie being released. All other regional films like Bengali, Bhojpuri, Telugu etc., are widely released and appreciated in Mumbai. So why not Odia! Kehi Nuhen Kahara is a great attempt to create an avant-garde odia film with an offbeat storyline, original script and different genre. Not to miss made by Ollywood’s one of the most versatile director Susant Mani who gives this story a unique treatment.  The day I watched it, I thought this is the film that shall showcase how Ollywood has grown as a film industry”, mused Ram Patnaik, founder RAW Entertainment.

Young talents Elina Samantray and Abhishek Rath are in the lead roles in the movie which also boasts of screen stealing acts from heavyweights like Siddhant Mahapatra, Bijay Mohanty, Kuna Tripathy, Samaresh Routray, Pinky Pradhan and Choudhury Jayaprakash.