Odisha Govt to provide of Rs 1,000 for pregnant women as transport cost


Odisha government launched a programme making provision of Rs 1,000 as transport cost for pregnant women to the hospital from inaccessible areas.

The government launched ‘SAMPURNA’ (Sishu Abond Matru Mrityuhara Purna Nirakaran Abhijan) programme under the state budget to increase institutional deliveries in order to reduce infant mortality rate (IMR) as well as mother mortality rate (MMR).

The programme was launched after a number of incidents of pregnant women being carried on shoulder or cot or walking to reach the hospital for delivery came to the fore.

As per the new scheme, pregnant women from inaccessible areas reaching hospitals by arranging vehicles on their own will get Rs 1,000. The state is estimated to spend Rs 6 crore per annum under ‘SAMPURNA’ scheme.

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