Odisha Mountaineers Jogabyasa Bhoi completed Mt.Indrasan


Odisha Mountaineers Jogabyasa Bhoi and his team successfully completed Mt.Indrasan expedition in Himachal Pradesh. The team scaled Mt Indrasan at a height of 6221 meters over a 19 day expedition.

This team scaled Mt. Indrasan after an interval of 12 years with the approval of Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Most of the members of the team who are Odia are within the age group of 17 to 22 years.

As per Jogabyasa, this peak is technically more difficult and challenging than others including Everest for the expedition. They have completed this expedition facing all odds of nature. The title of the expedition was “Cleaning & Climbing Mountain Indrasan and Swachh Himalaya”.

Jogabyasa-BhoiThe team has also observed the “World Yoga Day” on 21st June 2016 at about 6000 meter height during the expedition. Including the leader Jogabyasa other members of the team are Ramanchal Bhoi, Satyapira Padhan, Salim Darka, Sourabha Bhoi, Bhawani Shankar Rana and Animesh Sahoo.

Shri Pempo Sherpa and his team worked as the guide and technical support of the expedition team. Odisha Mining Corporation and ONGC sponsored the Indrasan Peak expedition of Shri Jogabyasa Bhoi and his team.

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