An Open letter to Markandey Katju from a Proud Odia


To Mr. Markandey Katju

Respected Mr. Katju, this is my first open letter to anybody in social media thanks to your derogatory remarks about Odisha and its people. Though you have apologized for your remarks, still culturally we believe that your act can be categorized as “Goitha Mari Vishnu Kahiba” meaning “to kick somebody intentionally and then apologizing for the same by taking the name of Vishnu (Hari)”. And it seems true when one reads the lines “Hari Om” at the end of your chain of derogatory posts. So by posting a mere apology you should not think that this episode is over and the Odias will forgive you for hurting their sentiments. Being an Odia myself it is my duty to clarify your misconceptions regarding Odisha and its people.

Now about the first point you made in your post i.e. “after getting thrashing at the hands of Ashoka in the battle of Kalinga Odias have been a dejected lot.” I would say that “Picture abhi baki hai mere dost”. Because you have not followed the post-history of Kalinga War. After the defeat in the devastating Kalinga War, the Kaḷingan military might was reinstated by Kharavela who led many successful campaigns against the states of Magadha (previously ruled by Ashoka), Anga, Satavahanas till the southern most regions of Pandyan Empire (modern Tamil Nadu) and made Kaḷinga a gigantic empire.

Now about the second point of your post i.e. “Now all they have with them are a lot of pots ( Patras ), big pots ( Mahapatras ), and supposedly intelligent kings ( Patnaiks ).” I would say that Odisha is not just about the people having the surnames of Patra, Mahapatra or Patnaiks, it is also glorified by the people having other surnames such as Das (Nandita Das, actress who has won many international awards), Panda (Nila Madhab Panda, Film director who has won many international awards), Beura (Krishna Beura, famous bollywood singer), Chand (Dutee Chand, current women’s 100 Meter National Record holder), Rout (Padmini Rout, Women Chess player who represented India in the last Chess Olympiad), Nag (Haldhar Nag, poet who was awarded Padma Shri recently), Kar (Rajasmita Kar, former winner of Dance India Dance, a dance reality television show telecasted on Zee TV) and many others. People of Odisha have succeeded nationally and internationally in all parts of life.

Regarding the last point of your post i.e. “And of course they have Lord Jaggannath, to whom they pray every day for revenge on the abominable Biharis.” Mr Katju, Lord Jagannath is the nerve centre of Odisha. We just don’t pray Him but we live with Him. All the deities are worshipped if He is worshipped, and visit to His place or Ksetra is the culmination of all pilgrimages and one achieves liberation or moksha just by having a darshan or glimpse of Him. Even Rishi Markandey after whom you have been probably named visited His Ksetra and worshipped Him. So praying Him to take revenge is too small a thing to ask for.

Lastly I conclude with a quote by R.G. Risch – Respect is a two-way street, if you want to get it, you’ve got to give it.

A proud Odia
Kumar Aurojyoti


  1. I am an odiya proud to be an kalinga vasi.Odisha /orissa were given by British govt but actually my state name is Kalinga from time immemorial.My CM Late Biju Pattanaik enlivened the glorious past of my state by institutions Kalinga industries.My state had commercial links with Java Sumatra at that days by boat.Lord Jagannath is universal not limited to my state.After end of Dwapar yuga and death of lord Krishna by the tribal his dead body turned to a huge log and sailed by sea to Kalinga coast.Then it was found by Tribal king who worshipped the lord on his directions.Ashoka the great met his waterloo in odisha where he turned to Dharmashoka from chandashoka.Kalinga thy name is spread to Vijayanagara kingdom.Justice Markanday Katjus father Kailash nath katju was governor of odisha.Truely speaking M.Katju is unworthy son of a greatman KNKatju.MKatju is a anabolic nadman and he ought to left to stew in his poisonous juice.

  2. A befitting reply to Mr. Katju, a mentally retarded person, I observe from his remarks on so many things. How could he serve as a Supreme Court Judge, I wonder. He has been thrashed by the reply by insulting the Odias by his objectionable remarks. Let good sense prevail by the grace of Lord Jagannath & guide him in the right path

  3. History of Odisha is strongly attached with The History of India. This indicates the result of Kalinga Magadha war. Empire Ashoka learnt Non-violence from Odisha (Kalinga). Not only Empire Ashoka, Mahatma Gandhi had also learnt Non-violence from Odisha. After 150 years of Kalinga- Magadhha war,Empire Aira Khalabela was attacked Magadhha, at that time,the empire of Magadhha namely Brihaspati Mitra surrendered and welcomed the KALINGA Empire Aira Kharabela with good honour and heartily respect. The culture of Odias is God Jagannath culture, which is very vast. God Badrinath is the God of Badrika, God Kashinath is the God of Kashi, God Dwarika Nath is God of Dwarika,which is a limited area but Lord JAGANNATH is the God of all over universe or all over world. His road is big road (Badadanda), His sea is big sea (Mahadadhhi), This God is Big God (Bada Thakura), His sacrament (Prasada) is big sacrament (Maha prasada), His temple is big temple (Bada Mandira), every where, greatness is shown to all not only Bihari.We pray Him to save is our culture.

  4. One more simple reply….please tell him …an indian actor compare with our odisha actor siddhanta mohapatra….not compared with budget…

  5. Lastly who/what is katju….why did u leave this name…. without big budget siddhanta mohapatra is most popular and loveable person of our odisha….

  6. Simple and accurate lines for a so called elite Mr. Katju.

    Mr. Katju, we are mere human beings, but the Lord of the Universe knows how you have offended the Odias. You will surely be getting what you deserve to get. I would recommend please go through the history of Kalinga and now Odisha, understand and then speak. What you have done is tried to get cheap publicity, for you don’t have the spirit like Dutee to fight back and win, you lack the competitive spirit to win accolades like Nandita, Sudarshan, Nilamadhab and the list goes on and on.

    Mr. Katju stand with the common man, understand their psychology, be one with them by leaving your luxurious life, then only you can understand the pain of Odias as to how the stupid joke has given pain. For that matter I would say if you don’t have minimum respect for your countrymen be it Odisa, Bihari’s, Assamese or any one you should simply leave the country and settle somewhere else-to be more specific Pakistan. For if today you made joke against the sentiment of Odias, tomorrow you might joke at some other community and then beg apologise. No one will ever apologise.

  7. Being the former chief justice of India this is a unfortunate and disappointing remark by katju let’s show a big heart and forgive him for such nonsense…..

  8. It is the nature of Mr Katju to disrespect whoever . I wonder how you fellow became the supreme position of judiciary system !!!
    I am a Bengali and I lived Odisha for 18 yrs and I saw odihas are the one of best religious honest and very very peaceful citizens !
    Pls know people through love as Lord Jagannath always loves irrespective of any geographical boundary !!
    I really strange how you became the Chief Justice of Supreme Court!!!

  9. Without going in to much debate I fully agree with the views of Mr Akdas.It is really ashtoning that how people like Mr Katju who already had held the highest post of judiciary could enter in to such controversy &disturbing the mind of peace loving people of a State like Odisha? This might have happened due to the fact that Mr Katju has gone Mad.

  10. Well Said! to name a few the top heart surgeon of mumbai is an Oriya. we are one of the best lots of people who stays with themselves in their kutumb and happy with our earnings.

  11. People of Odisha are identified as the most hardworking and acclaimed all over the world. Because our people are humble and welcoming, people like this ” few more days to live ” dudes think they can pull a leg. Somebody remind them about Odias when they become mad. Actually in this public forum I would like to tell all my countrymen that I am going to kill this old man inside his home, and in front of his family and would like to get hung after that for honor killing. Somebody plz share me his address

  12. Actually Katzu Said very right this time.. !!

    Might be Oddisa history is tribal ‘y great… But current mentality of most of the oddiya people is not good and limited only. They cant survive with the other states….

    Cheers.. Accept yourself Globally.. 🙂 🙂

    • Mr Pant How many Odias have you met till date. Do you even know the geographical location of Odisha. Half read pahadi’s talking about Odisha sounds like empty vessel. Our knowledge is not a thing to be showcased as you are doing. Those like you need to go visit n see Odisha to realise how backward you are.
      You are good to speak non sense on social sites. Go peep into your houses and see the condition of women there in comparison to our educated mass. You sit on your beds and order food to your as yound as 5-7 year girl child for food n water unlike us. You respect women on Navratras & use slangs rest of the year. We respect them all through out.
      Like Katju you are just a theoritical person far away from reality… Digging your own graves….

  13. add one point Biswal as well. Nisha Desai Biswal ( Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs)

  14. That is why NJAC should be brought in. This is the consequence and fall out of Collegium system, where justice like Markendya Katju are being selected. A throughly sick man

  15. I COME FROM A STATE WHO HAS ONE THE RICHEST HISTORY IN INDIA, BHUBANESWAR BEING THE CAPITAL AND ALSO THE TEMPLE CITY OF INDIA, YET WE DONT BOAST ABOUT IT ,THAT IS THE GREATNESS OF ORISSA DAT WE ARE DOWN TO EARTH , HENCE LORD JAGANNATH PREFERS TO LIVE WITH US , RATHER THEN WITH YOU, Mr.Katju u r so small that i am mentioning you in lower case, forget abt begging for forgiveness from my Lord Jagannath , you dont even deserve his mockery, U r so small that the dust which lies beneath his feet is enough to beg you for forgiveness , SO NEXT TIME REMEMBER UR TOO SMALL TO SAY ANYTHING ABOUT OUR HOME , Where THE LORD LIVES

  16. I completely agree with the letter.How can you insult a State in this manner,it has become a fashion to insult important persons,relegion,caste creed.Let us be Indians.I was proud to be an Odisha and I am more Oriya than Bengali. Jai Jagannath

  17. Mujhe to Lag Raha hai Katju ko Pagal Kutta kata hai..because he is behaving like a kutta. I feel ashamed that he was associated with the highest post of our judiciary. It is not a shame for the composite culture of India..but the Great democracy of the world. A mentally sick man and perfectly ab normal..and not more than a mad…what more we can hope from a mad person..who has no knowledge about Odisha nor on Indian History.

    An ODIA

  18. Sometimes, people forget that insulting others either by virtue of a simple joke or intentionally to hurt, is really hurting others and we should be very careful in this regard as once said/ written it cannot be taken back.

    I feel very sorry for Katju..

  19. I am a proud Odia married in Bihar.. I am disgusted at the kind of articles this learned gentleman comes up with time and again…Do we need enemies to divide us if we have “intellectuals” like Justice Katju who think they can so easily divide us within the country… He is a big man with a very petty mind…I am ashamed to even think we have such people holding high posts… High time he retired and kept his thoughts to himself…

  20. being an odia we are very sentimental . we hardly used to tolerate the deragotory statements of any kind which is infrinngement of sentiment to the odias….. we should condemn the statement of such a person holding a respectable and responsible post …….
    i simply say the letter is the appropiate counterblast to the statement….

  21. Pagala Ta…..He dont know that most of the odia people are in highest positions in all central govt offices including civils, even I believe Biharis are also equally talented. I had many friends from BENGAL AND BIHAR and think Odisha,Bengal, Bihar as one state. I m proud to be a Odia. I had visited all cities but found BHUBANESWAR as best, neat,clean,less and well maintained traffic,traditionally gud,the smartest city.

  22. Being a former justice it is an unfortunate and disappointing comment by katju. It reflects the knowledge level of Katju and question mark of his judgement in his tenure.I think, he had hold the post by influence not by his own capacity. An inquiry should be carried out behind a so called judge and sent to jail or Pagalkhana.

  23. I am proud to be an Odia. In this regard, I would like to say that I was in a view that Mr Katju is a mentally retarded man while looking his statements has had made in connection with different subjects so far. Although he was a Supreme Court Judge, he was simple an alien to this country. After his statement about Odia and Odisha, I got confirmation he is a total mental man…. Shame on you mentally old man…

    I would like to say that Mr Katju, You need to read the history again so as to augment your knowledge and dare to say anything against any race….

  24. I am happy that lots of odia people are reacting to Mr.Katzu.thanks to the mad man.atleast he awake our solidarity.Let’s show him our greatness. Eradicated corruption from every walk’s of life and make Odishs a great state.I am not disheartened with his comments rather I am inspired. Let’s take it as a challenge. Come out of nostalgia. Show odia excellence. Built another Konark of prosperity and radiate like million sun.Bande Utkala Janani

  25. Do we real need to prove our credibility to a person with no dignity . Just let’s ignore him he is just like skinned Kaju 🙂 he may have a lot of knowledge but had a bad skin over him and bcoz of that he is useless 🙂 he need to be pounded ( dhinki kuta) to get that skin come out . If anyone see him give him that .

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