Parab Tribal Festival of Odisha



A must visit on any of the eco tours or tribal tours to Odisha, India, Koraput district is also the proud host of the annual competitive festival of Koraput district. Known as the Parab Tribal Festival of Koraput Odisha, it has been organized since 1996 by the district council of Koraput district, Odisha.

Parab Tribal Festival, known as the ‘festival of festivals’, is not merely a showcase of the rich tribal culture of Koraput Odisha, but it also serves as a forum for the various tribes, with distinct cultures and life experiences, to interact and work towards preserving their indigenous cultural heritage – arts, handicrafts, traditions etc. You too can tour Koraput during the Parab Tribal Festival with Tourism of Odisha tour packages.

With the progressive gain in popularity and the nobility of the goals, Parab Tribal Festival is set to become a national festival of India that will be popular with both the local and international tourists. Join us, at Tourism of Odisha, in exploring the vast cultural heritage of the numerous tribal communities at the Parab Tribal Festival in Odisha.

The organizers of the Parab Tribal Dance and Music Festival have many events up their sleeves that will keep you entertained and engaged throughout the day. Events range from quiz shows, essay and debate competitions among high school students to mountain treks on the highest mountain range in Orissa – the Deomali Hill Range. Boat races, artists camps, art exhibitions, seminars, book fair and kabi sammelan (poetry recital) are other popular events that you can attend and enjoy on your tour of festivals in Odisha, with Tourism of Odisha tour packages.

Music, tribal dances, folk dances, and tribal and folk music competitions have renewed people’s interest in the dying arts of Odisha, most of which were previously unknown to the general audience and tourists. Enjoy the sounds and sights unique to the unknown tribes of the world at the Parab Tribal Festival in Odisha.

All these competitions and cultural events are held at gram panchayat, block and district levels and the Parab Tribal Festival has succeeded to a large extent in providing a platform to preserve and project the cultural heritage of the tribes of the district.