Plastic rice being openly sold in Odisha Nuapada market


Sale of plastic rice has left people of Tarbod village in Nuapada district shocked. Three persons of a family fell ill after consuming what they believed was plastic rice.

A villager Laba Jagat (36) had bought two packets of rice from a shop in the Tarbod market recently.

However, after consuming the rice on Wednesday, Jagat, his wife and their son suffered stomach pain and gastroenteritis. Jagat had learnt about availability of fake plastic eggs in the State and he suspected foul.

Acknowledging that he received a complaint on fake rice sale, Komna block Civil Supplies Officer Brahmadatta Kisan said, “We will examine the samples and submit a report after inquiry. Though news on fake rice sale has been doing rounds on
social media since few days, this is the first such case in the district.”

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Here are the five simple tips by which you can identify plastic rice:

1. The Water Test: Take a glass of water, drop a tablespoon of raw rice inside and stir it for some time. and if the rice float at the top then it is considered as plastic rice, because rice doesn’t float on the water.

2. The Fire Test: Take a hand full of rice and burn it using a lighter. and see whether the rice releases the plastic smell or not.

3. Hot Oil Test: Take some rice and drop them into very hot oil. if it’s plastic rice, it will melt and stick together at the bottom of the vessel.

4. The Fungus Test: After boiling the rice, put some of it in a bottle and leave it for 3 days. if mold does not appear, then your rice is fake, Plastic rice will not grow mold in any weather conditions.

5. Boiling Test: While boiling the rice, if it contains plastic rice it will start forming a thick layer at the top of the vessel.